Monday, January 28, 2008

Digital Organic Environments

JeongHee hwang
JeongHee hwang

Jungeun Jungeun


Multiples - serial originals

"The multiple manufactures originals in series. This means that the objects are not reproductions of an original but are themselves originals. They are not simply multiplied but manifold within themselves." According to this key statement, formulated by Daniel Spoerri and Karl Gerstner at the foundation of their Edition MAT (Multiplication d'Art Transformable) in 1959, the multiple is to be regarded as an art form in its own right.Multiples are an expression of the endeavour to democratise the plastic arts by means of objects. A line starting with Marcel Duchamp (readymade "Bottledryer" 1914) received a name ("Multiples") and impetus from the Edition MAT, was given shape by the Fluxus artists, popularised by pop art, expanded by Joseph Beuys for his "vehicle for the circulation of ideas" and used for the forming of "social sculptures".
Peter Fabian

Multiples can also be said to be “Multiple exposure “photography of moving objects. Or the same shape multiplied in 3D for example that is then deformed to produce “unique multiples “