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Media Environment Unit Two – AR Systems

David Hall "Augmented 2008"

Media Environment Unit Two – AR Systems
Augmented Environment Concepts and Development
Converging Media and Environment Experimental integration.

This class will be a production design and concept class with an eye on new and future user experience ( UX ) within the city. As ubiquitous sensors, mobile phones, media facades, social networks and entertainment technologies all start to converge we are seeing a new type of media integration into our daily lives in the city. In the beginning what appeared to be practical tools of information and communication  ( mobile phones, the web,etc ) are now being utilised as more of a social entertainment medium than anything else.

Some educated speculations about the hardware of the near future could be, rapid prototyped architecture ( printed buildings ) cheap and affordable media facades, spacial interactive projections ( low cost holographs ), embedded silicon chips in the human body ( mobile phones, IDs and computers integrated into the human body ), retinal projection displays, to name but a few. So the questions stands what can we as media designers do with all this change and connectedness given that it will be used for new entertainments etc etc.

This project could be graphics for new architecture and media facades, interactive environments, new forms of signage and information displays, new forms of graffiti, new entertainment spaces such as night clubs and new forms of fashion etc.

We will develop visual concepts based in a probable technological development. The concept which delivers your own design of Augmented Reality Environment in the future. The final output will be a movie or piece of motion graphics developed by the production design process.


Augmented Environment – Part One – SetUp - 
Duration 2 weeks

As part of a systematic approach to documentation and presentation during this semester I want each student to setup and design the following.

1- A blogspot blog specifically for this class.

2- A vimeo account ( if you don’t have one already )
3- A pdf template design that we will use as a final document for each stage. ( this will be embedded in your blog for download.
4- Upload a brief description of yourself with ONE drawing, photo or graphic of one of your best pieces of work.

Please think carefully about the design of your blogs etc The minimal approach is the way to go. 


Augmented Environment – Part Two – Research - 
Duration 2 weeks
Please research and think about the present state of augmented reality, environments and fashion.

It may help to choose an area such as…

1 – Architecture and interiors
2 – Signage and Street ( Public space )
3 – Fashion
4 – Games and Entertainment
5 – Art and Installation

Presentation – Drawings, photos and initial experiments.


Augmented Environment – Part Three - Concept Generation -
Duration 3 weeks

Here we will brainstorm ideas that will be the basis of your project. This process will include, location scouting, photography, drawing, test shooting DV, concept drawing and basic 3D.

As we are thinking about concepts and not practical development, we will develop your ideas via a production design process. This basically means the following steps..

1 – Visual Research
2 – Drawings and photographs
3 – 3D sketching and visual overlays 
4 - Detailing 3D and Visualisation

During this stage I will demonstrate how to use syntheys, maya setup and rendering, HDRI techniques, location shooting and DV etc

You do not need to be an expert in 3D or any other programs or skills. But you will need a basic knowledge to be able to do this assignment.

Presentation – Drawings, photos and initial experiments.


Augmented Environment – Part Four -  Final Development -
Duration 7 weeks

Here I will teach the basics of CG and DV integration.

Software will include, Syntheyes, HDRI light studio, maya rendering and texturing. We will utilise all of these for our final movie output.

This will be the final development and presentation of your project.You will make a final movie of your work and present that as well as making a process movie about the construction and meaning of your work

Presentation – Drawings, photos and initial experiments.

Final output of this project will be photographs, renderings and movies.


Augmented Environment – Part Five -  Output Synergy -
Duration 1 week

Collation of movies, photos, drawings etc into your presentation formats. ie blog, pdf and vimeo integration.

NOTE – You do need basic 3D skills for this project. You will however be required to know some 2D animation techniques (i.e. After effects, Photoshop and maybe flash.)

David Hall Car Park Graff 2005