Wednesday, July 02, 2008

APT Interaction

To create a real-time interactive relationship between the organic sonic life of an urban structure and the surface skin of the structure. To transform the relatively inanimate structure into a visually living thing.

Equipment and logistics
As in the diagram we need 5 transmission mobile phones to be covertly placed within the structure. Each mobile will transmit the audio from its specific location and be set to "auto answer". There will be 5 receiving mobiles each wired into a mini mixing desk. A notebook will translate the audio signal real time piping the signal into specified reactive software, preliminary this will be flash, but could be any soft we decide.

I expect the first test to be done in the next 2 weeks using the standard projector and a single mobile set, We should be able to achieve this during class time.

After the test we can proceed to work out how to organize and plan the final installation

As per the location research

As I will be funding the project I expect ALL costs to be detailed at each stage, At present the main cost will be the mobile phones and their connection and the truck rental.