Wednesday, July 02, 2008

COM Truck

To experiment with three "low-fi" Korean advertising trucks. Its realy an experiment in the missapropriation of exhisting technology. I think this ois one of the few ways at present that media can be transported and set in various locations at high speed.

Equipment and logistics
First we need to find a company to rent the equipment from and then experiment with the softeware thast they use, I would hope that we can modify the technology to make the whole project interactive and realtime.

It may or may not be possible to put low resolution video through the truck LED system in realtime. Or it may be possible to interact with the imahe or animation in realtine, as each location may trigger a different set of graphics to be displaed. Realtime locative media is what we are realy after.

The Instalations will be filmed by atleast 3 camera simultaneously.
The footage of wich will be edited into a three minute movie.
This movie will be the final output describing the technical working process and physical working