Monday, February 25, 2008

“MOTION GRAPHICS” Time Capture Imaging



The beginning of motion graphics runs parallel with the history of cinema.
And the birth of both was multiple exposure photography and the “ zoetrope “.

Motion capture ( MOCAP ) is a widely used process for calculating movement. But it can also be used to explore motion and animation ( motion graphics ) through a non time based delivery medium such as still images.

In this project we will explore motion and animation through the multiple exposure, or multiple imaging techniques. In any given environment or situation still motion graphics can reveal a hidden world of possibilities and beauty not visible to the naked eye.


Step One
CONCEPT AND EXPLORATION-( 1 week duration )
Develop your concept with a view to its stylistic and visual qualities as well as how this work will be disseminated.

Step Two
DIGITAL-( 2 weeks duration )
Experiment with concept, location and movement through a series of images.

Step Three
FINAL PRESENTATION -( 1 week duration )
I expect at least 10 experimental images from each person as the final output
Of this project. I also expect to see a creative unusual approach the idea of still images and motion.

Important note.
Final presentation will require photographs and images of High resolution for printing purposes.