Monday, February 25, 2008

Costume and Technology

Joomi Ha

Kim Boram

Minwoo Lee

‘Costume and Technology 3’



One of the hyped terms in the world of technology and design is the phrase “Wearable computing“. Infect this term contains as much meaning as the term “Ubiquitous Computing“, which is to say that both are so vague and encompass such a wide variety of disciplines that they could refer to almost anything. More commonly “Wearable Computing “ has come to signify some kind of practical or utilitarian computer that is integrated into clothing.

Our objective for this project is different in that we are not looking for a practical solution.

What I envisage is a theatrical costume for leisure or performance. This could mean “Disco Shoes” or it could mean “stage” clothing. The important thing is that the device be thought provoking and utilize sensors and technology to perform its task.


This project will be divided into the following stages –

1 – Concept generation and brainstorming. With sketches and photographs.

2 – Refinement

3 – Practical test mockups

4 – Fully working test prototypes.

I expect modified clothing or real products to be used as the basis of your finished projects. Making costumes from scratch would be too time consuming and probably too expensive.

The important thing to keep in mind is a sense of the theatrical or even operatic.

Credit will be given for artistic approaches and unusual concepts. And please try and stay clear of the practical side of the subject in terms of ergonomics and utility.