Monday, February 25, 2008

Online VR

David Hall 2006

David Hall 2006

David Hall 2006

“360” SEOUL


About QTVR
QuickTime VR is Apple's award-winning, photo-realistic, cross-platform virtual reality technology that makes it possible to explore places as if you were there. All major applications that play QuickTime movies can also play QuickTime VR movies.

About Interaction and QTVR technology
Initially QTVR was developed as an immersive environment technology and has been primarily used as a tool for online tourism. However images can be generated in 3D then transposed to QTVR viewers. Also photographs can be composite or over painted to give a more conceptual environment or image.

Other areas that have not been explored at length are the possibilities of a QTVR image as a GUI for websites or online games.

Each Person will make a minimum of 5 QTVR environments. Each environment will be linked to each other via a hotspot (or multiple hotspots) link within the QTVR image.

The environments should be unusual and dynamic ( NOT standard touristy images of beauty spots and over photographed locations )

The objective is to put ALL of the QT images linked and online. To make a dial in journey through Seoul.
Instead of the project being a “ hey look at this nice part of Seoul “ I think it would be much more interesting if the whole project where a narrative journey.
With each person exploring interior and exterior space. Scale, texture and light should also play a part in the decision of where and when to shoot.

To capture environments of textures as part of the production process.
These will be used in part as reference for the final project of this semester.

RESEARCH AND LINKS - Germany - Canada
Sven Anders Photography - Germany
Affendy Awalludin - France - Germany
Panoramic VR in Flash! - USA
CheathamLane - Immersive Interactivity - USA
Virtual Tour of the Taos Pueblo - USA
Jim Galvin -
PANO4YOU - Virtual Tours Services Singapore - Singapore