Thursday, April 15, 2010

Exhibition - "C5.FFKKKKK" 2010.04.17 - 2010.04.24

Chapter Five and the final FFKKKKK -

Between 30 Seconds and One minute of abstract 3D by seven artists. This is the final FFKKKKK show. A gesture before we go our separate ways. As JC so rightly said, " the ain't much call for this kind of sh__t these days".

The show runs for one week until the 24th of April at the cor
ner gallery Samchung dong..The Corner Gallery Seoul

Artists -

Sunghyun Cho
Sohyun Jo
Minwoo Lee
David Hall
Boram Kim
Jean Christophe Naour


Thursday, April 01, 2010

Event: Seoul Fashion Week - >Kim Young Joo< Visuals 2010.04.01

15 minute live visuals for designer Kim Young Joo winter collection 2010.
A collaboration of artists with the opiumblue network.

FFKKKKK Artists.............

Dave Hall - The Usual >> <<
Sunghyun Cho >> <<
Boram Kim >> <<
Sohyun Jo >> <<
Jean-Christophe Naour >> <<
Minoo Lee >> <<
Jinwoo Chung >> <<