Saturday, August 27, 2011

Media Art Unit Two – Motion Graphics and Interaction

Media Art Unit Two – Motion Graphics and Interaction
Visual Development and interaction with Focus on MS Kinect

This semesters Media Art class will be split into two distinct sections.
Visual development and then practical integration into an instalation.

The visual developmet section will be divided into themes for initial research. You will choose one theme for the whole semester.
So you will choose one of the following..

Option OneAbstract graphics and Audio
This will be an approach looking at the principles of audio waves and effects for visual development. Its more important to focus on the physical and sientific concepts of sound and how it manifests in the physical world. Cymatics would be one example of this.

Option TwoHuman Desire and attraction
This will be a more emotional approach looking at fetishism and fashion for example.

Option ThreeZ-Depth and motion
Here you can concentrate on the practical use of a kinect device to generate z-deph movies. The project here will be about technical problem solving and environmet experiment. Resulting in a movie entirely generated by infra red zdeph information.

As well as conceptualising and visual development this project will also be about how we can use the kenect device in unusual ways. That means not just using it for its intended purpose of translating user motion into abstract graphics ( person waves their arms around and this results in a pretty motion trail on a screen or projection ). But new ways of inegration the device.

Motion Graphics and Interaction – Part One - Duration 2 weeks

As part of a systematic approach to documentation and presentation during this semester I want each student to setup and design the following.

1- A blogspot blog specifically for this class.
2- A vimeo account ( if you don’t have one already )
3- A pdf template design that we will use as a final document for each stage. ( this will be embedded in your blog for download.
4- Upload a breif description of yourself with ONE drawing, photo or graphic of one of your best pieces of work.

Motion Graphics and Interaction – Part Two - Duration 4 weeks

Please choose one of the thematic areas listed above and research that area.This means looking at possible directions in that area and brainstorming how you can creativly develop them.

Presentation will be in the form of phtographs, drawings etc uploaded to your blog. Its important to also write about the project and theme you are researching. This means analysis of your discoveries through written text.

Its important to be able to contructivly analyse in the written form as this will be a major part of your thesis.

Motion Graphics and Interaction – Part Three- Duration 5 weeks

Practical development of your ideas and concepts.
This will be a research by practical development process. That meas doing experiments with hardware and visuals

Motion Graphics and Interaction – Part Four- Duration 3 weeks

This will be a practical approach to instalation. Your project should be finish in part three. This final part will be the process of how we can install this work in a gallery.

As you know this class is related to the green growth project and as such will will need to install to complet the work.

IMPORTANT. This class is a follow on from last semeter with the added discipline of the Konect device. However you do not need to have done media Art One in order to do this class. As long as you have some practical skill and are willing to learn this class will be open to everybody.

Links -

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Microsoft Kinect SDK


Processing Libraries






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