Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Media Environment

Exploring spatial concepts and time through film, animation and installation.Rosie Pedlow and Joe King

Preface and Introduction

From Jerwood

Filmed on a caravan park at the end of the season,
'Sea Change' reveals a landscape dramatically transformed by light and time, and resonating with the transience of human presence. The frail, hand-painted caravans that fill the site are soon to be removed and crushed to make way for a new housing development, so the film also acts as a kind of document for an unusual place on the brink of disappearance. The film is the artists' response to place. The entire film consists of the same tracking shot, 300 metres long, filmed repeatedly at different times over a period of five days. It is closely akin to documentary in its use of camera as pure recording medium. However any semblance of narrative is rejected in favour of a framework that is at once formal and conceptual. This serves to focus the spectator's eye on the essential elements: the flatness of the landscape punctuated by caravans; the continual and dramatic changes in light; and the unrelenting passage of time.

by Motioncult


Project One (Of Three) "Intervention"

JanFamily "Plans for other days"

The term "Intervention" with respect to art, installation and photography essentially means the modification of an environment ( or situation ) in a very immediate way. In other words the artists arrives at a location, modify or alters it, then films or photographs the location. It requires quick creative thinking and alternatively

detailed planning depending on the artists / designers intentions. As this is the initial project I want people to research the various examples of intervention then develop their own concept or theme.

Stage One ( 2 weeks )
Research and analyse artistic intervention and modification.

Stage Two ( 3 Weeks )
Develop your own theme and film the outcome of each experiment.
Output will be video 16:9 Format with less than 3 minutes duration for each.


Project Two (Of Three) "Single Channel Environment"

Francis Alys "El.Gringo"

In this project we will explore POV film without edits or effects. The primary objective of the project will be to explore motion graphics in a very minimal way.
The theme of the work will be "Korean Fetish"

Stage One ( 1 week )
Research and analyse Korean fetish.

Stage Two ( 4 Weeks )
Using your research you will film environments and situations without editing or effects. Output will be video 16:9 Format with less than 3 minutes duration for each.


IMPORTANT - New brief here >>


Project Three (Of Three) "Development and Integration"

OpiumBlue "Car Park Fairy"

This will be a 5 week project using elements of the first
two projects with a brief written by yourself.

Stage One ( 1 week )
Research and outline your project brief.

Stage Two ( 4 weeks )

NOTE - All students are required to have a blog at (not naver). Also any movie footage shot should be uploaded to This footage should then be embedded into your blogspot. You will be expected to upload work for assessment every week.

The final output of this class will be a performance in a pre defined space at the end of semester. Failure to present will mean fail.

You will need to have some experience with video cameras and editing software to be able to do this class.