Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Opiumble @ Space Can Dec 14 to Dec 30 2011


Chapter One : Lo Fi Landscape

Through a process of mathematical reduction the landscape became more and refined and simplified. All the other objects in the exhibition are developed simply using a computer, then layers of complexity are added until the computational model and the physical three dimentional print look organic and natural. In other words their construction and development history is hidden within their complexity.

This project is the reverse of that process in every way. The objects are real physical forms ( topological landscape date and human anatomy ), then this data is refined back to minimal polygonal data.

As I have spent a great deal of my time in the UK as a production designer, the work owns a lot to the process of production design in that it is more of an atmospheric physical set piece rather than computer simulation. As the landscape was reduced within the computer it was then digitally fabricated to give an exact replication in the physical world. Everything in the installation is a polygon. The light emitting from the projectors (the virtual cameras in reverse) is also triangulated by virtue of projecting through a smoke layer. This makes every light ray of the animations polygonal against the physical object. In effect you have the experience of being in the triangular landscape as you are intersected by projections beams.
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