Saturday, May 08, 2010

Exhibition - "C6.DaDa fish" 2010.05.10 - 2010.06.30

Peters' Elephantnose

The elephant nose is a fish whose nose like organ is covered in electro-receptors, as is much of the rest of its body.

The weak electrical impulses generated by this fish can be made audible by placing two electrodes in the fish tank, which are then hooked up to an audio amplifier or a piezoelectric ear bud. The sonar-like clicks that this fish emits can sound like a squeaky door when the fish is excited.

We have connected the out signal from the fish directly to our computers. The image you see is being controlled by the fish in real time.

The show runs for one week until the 24th of May at the corner gallery Samchung dong........The Corner Gallery Seoul