Friday, October 29, 2010

Exhibition "C.10 Anamorphic Architecture" 2010.10.29 - 2010.11.11

Process -
Each artists developed low polygon forms from basic primitives and through a series of deformations and replications produced a structure with minimal data.
These structures where then developed (made planar) in order for them to be printed
two dimensionally.

This enabled the surface to be re-constructed backto its original 3D form. As the object exists in 3D in both digital and analogue form this allows us to project animations and graphic back onto the object from the digital version with
relative accuracy. In effect the form exists in digital and
analogue spaces simultaneously.

The analogue and digital spaces are converging into what has become known as Augmented Space or Augmented Reality. This convergence will accelerate in the near future as LED architectural surface technology and motor
actuators become cheaper.

This is the work from David Hall's studio class in IDAS Hongik.

The exhibition will run from October 29th 2010 until November 11th. At the corner gallery, Samchung Dong, Seoul, Korea.

The corner Gallery location >>