Friday, December 18, 2009

Exhibition - "Object_Eleven" December 19th 2009

Stereo Lithography and Mapping 2

David Hall "Internal Structure" 2009

Location - >> Art Space The Corner project
From December 19th 2009 to December 30th 2009
Series two of the " Houses+Bodies" project. This "Object_Eleven" is based on the same principles as before with increased complexity of the form and mapping.

Object_Eleven was the most time consuming of all the stereo lithography experiments from the Houses+Bodies series. It was also the least script driven project. Paradoxically it is the most organic and anamorphic in structure. The previous four prints in the object eleven group failed due to structural error. This was the final iteration.

This installation can be seen in a 24 hour cycle from the street north of Anguk Station. The plan is to leave the projectors for the anamorphic image running the full 10 days.

David Hall " Object_Eleven" 2009

" Object_Eleven" 2009 Installation