Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Exhibition - Houses+Bodies - December 3rd 2009

Experiments in Digital Architecture and Organic Structures
David Hall "Body Tesselation" 2008

David Hall "Parametric House" 2009

Opening Thursday 3rd December 2009 7pm
Location - Interartchannel >>

A series of objects dealing with the relationship between community and its constituent parts. These are linear extrapolations of communication technologies and the resultant physical deformations of living sentient forms. Each object represents the growth stage of the community and its occupants during their early formative life.

The gestation of each structure was approximately three months. During that time each one went through a selective process of distortion, part destruction and reconstruction with between 20 to 30 iterations along the timeline.

The governing input factors during that process equaled 50% script driven generative forms and 50% eclectic data. This eclectic data ranged from the common notions of computer controlled hydroponic systems when applied to mammals to experiential sexual adventures and their manifestations in a formal community.

All of the objects shown owe a great deal in their structure to the zoomorphic concept of the ‘Multiple’. That is to say that they are composites of many smaller and simpler units which are repeated along splines. At each repeat there is an iterative modification of the form via a code based or non linear distortion. As a result although visually complex, each is in effect an economical form in terms of overall construction data.

David Hall "Houses+Bodies" 2009


Preview Stereo Lithographic prints with anamorphic projection

Object Eleven V1.3 OpiumBlue 2009

Anamorphic Projection 04 OpiumBlue 2009


Closes January 07 2010.