Sunday, August 24, 2014

Augmented Space, Fashion and Object ( AR-SFO )

Dave Hall Incheon Street 2009

Course description

As you know the world of real time augmented reality is about to become a viable commercial industry with the final release and imminent large scale deployment of google glass. The implications of this and the wide ranging effects on human computer interaction, and experience have yet to be explored by artists and designers outside of a select few in the google development loop. 

In this class I propose a visual exploration of the creative possibilities the this new platform. 
Already attempts have been made to visualise an interface and methods of interaction for this device. You no doubt have seen them as the ubiquitous 2D menus overlaid onto an environment via HUD ( head up display )  of the wearable glass that google is proposing. Frankly this idea although clearly necessary and usable is not the creative exploration I envisage.

The real power of the system is its ability to alter our environment in real time. Not so much for its data access capability but for its transparency and seamless integration into our wired world.

Areas of exploration - 

Augmented fashion
Augmented architecture and interiors
Augmented entertainment and systems
Augmented objects and graphics.

Part one - Research the present state of augmented systems and interfaces.

Part Two - Concept generation and visualisation of possible NEW areas of exploration

Part Three - Refinement of area and defining new possibilities

Part Four - Visual sketch prototyping

Part Five - Final output preparation

Note - You will be required to has some computer capabilities to take this class