Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Media Environment - Robots and AR

Augmented Space, Mapping and Motion ( AR-MM )Contemporary project based digital media design and methodology

Media EnvironmentAugmented Space, Mapping and Motion ( AR-MM )

As you know the world of real time augmented reality is about to become a viable commercial industry with the final release and imminent large scale deployment of a multitude of different devices. The implications of this and the wide ranging effects on human computer interaction, and experience have yet to be explored by artists and designers outside of a select few in the google development loop.
In this class I propose a visual exploration of the creative possibilities of motion controlled rigs and real time synced projection mapping.

Areas of exploration -

Augmented Robotics
Augmented architecture and interiors
Augmented entertainment and systems
Part one - Research the present state of augmented systems and interfaces.
Part Two - Concept generation and visualisation of possible NEW areas of exploration
Part Three - Refinement of area and defining new possibilities
Part Four - Visual sketch prototyping
Part Five - Final output preparation

1 - Introduction
2 - Hardware and software
     Buying servos / stepper motors / Motor shields / Arduino

3 - Programming arduino and stepper motors
4 - Concept generation
5 - Concept integration
6 - Practical tests and mockups
7 - Mockup refinement
8 - Animation techniques
9 - Maya animation for mapping
10 - After effects animation for mapping
11 - vvvv animation for mapping
12 - Final animation test
13 - Final mockup and animation integration
14 - Final presentation

Examples /////////////////